Softbank 810T General Information

general vendorDevice Manufacturer SoftbankString
general modelModel Name 810TString
general aliasesAdditional names this device is known by String CSV (most common name first)
general typeDevice type MobileString (eg Tablet, Mobile, Computer etc..)
general batteryBattery Information Li-lon 880 mAhString CSV
general cpuCPU and Chip information String CSV
general eusarDevice SAR measured at head String
general platformOperating system name String
general platform versionOperating system version initially shipped with the device String
general platform version maxHighest supported operating system version (End of life devices only) String

Softbank 810T Design Information

design antennaAntenna position InternalString
design dimensionsDevice Dimensions in mm 49 x 97 x 20Number x Number x Number
design formfactorThe shape of this device ClamshellString
design keyboardThe keyboard type NumericString CSV (some devices may have a touch screen and keypad)
design sidekeysKeys on the side of this device Volume, CameraString CSV
design softkeysVirtual keys 2Number
design weightWeight in grams 111Number

Softbank 810T Display Information

display colorIs this screen color ? YesYes or No
display colorsNumber of supported colors 16MString (eg 262K, 262144)
display otherOther characteristics of this display String CSV
display pixel ratioNative device pixel ratio 1.0Number (eg 1.00, 1, 1.33 etc..)
display css screen sizesReported css screen sizes. 240x320String CSV (eg 320x480, 414x736)
display ppiDisplay pixels per inch 0Number
display sizeDiagonal size of the display in inches String
display typeDisplay technology TFTString
display xNumber of horizontal pixels 240Number
display yNumber of vertical pixels 320Number

Softbank 810T Media Information

media audioAudio Formats String CSV
media cameraPrimary Camera Details 3.2MP, 2048x1536String CSV
media otherOther media information Auto Focus, LED FlashString CSV
media secondcameraSecondary Camera Details String CSV
media videocaptureVideo Capture Information String CSV
media videoplaybackVideo Formats String CSV

Softbank 810T Other Information

connectorsList of all connectors 2.5mm AudioString CSV
networkCommunications Networks GSM800, GSM900, GSM1800, Bluetooth, GPRS, 802.11b, InfraredString CSV
featuresAny special features String CSV
memory internalInternal Memory String CSV
memory slotMemory Slot Technology microSDString CSV

Softbank 810T Benchmark Information

benchmark maxMicro benchmark maximum result. 0Number
benchmark minMicro benchmark minumum result. 0Number

Softbank 810T -

18 august 2020