Release Date 1991Price £179.00 (128kb) and £249.00 (256kb)Processor  Nec V30 4.7MHz   Ram  128 and 256 models were Power  Two AA, mains adapter, lithium cell back up battery   Expansion 2 ssd slotsSize  165mm x 85mm x 22mmWeight  265gmsScreen  240 X 80 (8 lines of 40 characters)
Software:  Agenda For appointments & things to do, as well as birthdays and anniversariesData For names & addresses (or any other database use)Time For alarmsCalc For simple & scientific calculationsWorld Shows a map, world times & dialling codes,Word For writing letters & other documents, SpellcheckerSheet For tables, spreadsheets & graphs (SSD)Sketch For drawing simple sketchesProgram  Editor for writing your own programs
Our unit with a soft case was very kindly donated by Mr Steve Lomas

Manufacturer: PsionDate: 1991

Psion Series 3 - 1991

06 februarie 2020