The Motorola PageWriter 2000 was a two-way pager introduced in 1998.[1] Featuring the 68000 based Motorola DragonBall processor, 1 MB of internal storage, a four color grayscale screen, IrDA transmitter/receiver, and a full QWERTY keyboard the PageWriter represented a combination of both PDA and pager in one package. For wireless connectivity the PageWriter used SkyTel's ReFLEX paging network to send and receive messages to other pagers or to email addresses.

The device shipped with a number of applications including messaging, contacts, calendar, and notepad all written in its proprietary FLEXScript programming language. Additional applications could be purchased and downloaded to the PageWriter from a PC through its charging dock. That dock connected via RS232 serial port to the PC and an IR port to the PageWriter.

Motorola PageWriter 2000 - 1998

11 februarie 2021