The main consumers of this particular model, as considered in the companies, will be corporate users, which actually was expelled from the phone number of functions, because of which they are likely to prohibit the use in the workplace: an external memory and a camera. And for the possibility nepopadaniya confidential data in the wrong hands, E07K has the ability to remotely locked and in the same way with him you can delete information stored there. Well, for better orientation on the site, the owners submitted new items are invited to use built-in GPS navigation capabilities.Brief specifications KYOCERA E07K:• Dimensions: 48h100h17, 3 mm• Weight: 104 gr.• Display: 2.7-inch wide, IPS, a resolution of 240х400 pixels• Memory: 100 MB user available• GPS navigation• Remote phone lock, and complete removal of data when it is lost• Communications: Infrared

Kyocera AU Kddi E07K -

30 octombrie 2020