The hardware used in the 560 series is very similar to that of the 7xx Jornadas, and also that of the Assabet development platform.[2]

There are three main hardware differences with the 7xx Jornadas.[3] The 7xx devices feature the following:

  • 640x240 screen
  • 2D hardware acceleration
  • Philips 1344TS audio chip


206 MHz Intel StrongARM SA-1110.

The 710, 720, 728, and 820 Jornadas also used this processor.


32MiB or 64MiB (see Models).

Display controller chip

Epson 1356TM.

Audio chip

Philips UDA1345TS.

This is a low-power, single-chip Analogue-to-Digital Converter and Digital-to-Analogue Converter. It was designed for portable music devices and PDAs.

HP Jornada 560 - 2001

15 aprilie 2022