The world’s smallest dual-band, tri-mode TDMA phone. The KF788 operates at 800 MHz and at 1900 MHz. Making it compatible with digital and analog cellular.

Like all Ericsson’s production machines, the KF788 can be directly identified by the characteristic of the design firm. Except for a larger display, KF788 similar to an earlier model of GF788 (GSM-900).

Ericsson KF788 operates in two frequency bands and has two modes. KF788 permits (if supported by the network) automatic transfer of calls between networks D-AMPS 800 and 1900, and is capable of operating in analog mode (in networks AMPS-800).

This is a quality in itself is quite convenient and significantly expands the boundaries of roaming. KF788 has increased three-line display high-definition active flip (start / stop the conversation can be carried out by its opening / closing), vibrator.

Menu operation is performed by two scroll buttons, as well as traditional buttons yes, no and clr. On the side of the phone are the keys to increase / decrease the volume, also serve to move through the menus and turn the ringer. In the phone book can be stored up to 200 rooms, it is possible to generate the secret cells and store the last 40 numbers dialed.

KF788 supports network mode polnorazryadnogo improved speech coding (EFR), which provides the best quality of transmission. If you miss a call or go to your voice message, the information is immediately reflected on the screen.

Furthermore, KF788 provided eighteen embodiment ringing. It is available in four colors: burgundy, green, dark blue and dark gray. In our view, KF788 especially enjoy the people who love miniature things with great features.

Size/weight:4.2″ x 1.9″ x 9″ / 106mm x 50mm x 23mm and weighs only 5.4 ounces.

New Digital Advantages:• Silent vibrating call alert built into phone.• Active flip to answer and end calls.• Smallest Dual-Band Tri-Mode phone on the market.• 85% more talk time in digital mode.• Built-in alphanumeric pager with Short Message Service.• Personalized ring options• Calling Number Identification with storage of last 5 incoming numbers.• Convenient side mounted volume keys.• Authentication for fraud protection, greater privacy, and enhanced digital system access.

Features:• Standard Features.• 9 Super Speed Dial locations.• Up to 200 memory locations with an easy search/recall facility.• Operates in both digital and analog environments.

Ericsson KF 788 - 1988

11 mai 2020