Ericsson DT400 & DT401



The Ericsson DT400 is ideal when you want to stay in touch in a non-office environment. It has a rugged IP54 plastic casing, making it tougher than the average cordless phone. It also means it is resistant to water spray, dust and soil. Wherever you are on site there is no need for missed calls or lost opportunities.

Based on the future-proof DECT/GAP standard, the DT400 offers outstanding speech quality wherever your job takes you. With sturdy buttons and weighing only 195 grams, this is a phone designed for easy handling.

  • Stores your own personal settings on the SIM card, which allows you to use them in another cordless phone.
  • One touch access to your ten most frequently called numbers.
  • Identifies callers on the display before you answer.
  • Built-in personal phone book holds up to 75 quick-dial entries
  • Fast redialling of the last 10 dialled numbers.
  • Built-in vibrator when working in a noisy environment.


Ericsson DT 570 Dect - 2000

16 ianuarie 2021