Device Name Inter@ctive Pager 950
Family Name Inter@ctive Pager
Released OS RIM OS 1.0GoodLink Application Software
Current OS RIM OS 2.0GoodLink Application Software
Announced Date August 26th, 1998
Released Date August 26th, 1998
Colors Black
Notes · When the 850 was launched (Jan 19, 1999) This device was re-branded as a BlackBerry by Lexicon Branding in California· When 850 was launched RIM re-bundled this device with a PC dock as they decided email was the future· Good Technologies released their own version of an OS for the 957 and 950, it was called GoodLink Application Software· Compaq partnered with BlackBerry to sell the devices, they sold the 950 as the iPAQ BlackBerry W1000
Size & Weight
Height 64 mm
Width 89 mm
Depth 24 mm
Weight 133 grams
Screen Size 73.7
Screen Resolution 132 x 65
Aspect Ratio 132:65
Model 1xAA
Removable Yes
Keyboard Type QWERTY
Processor Brand 32bit Intel 386EX
System Memory/RAM 512 Kbytes SRAM
Built-in Storage 4 MB
Wireless Connectivity
Network Bands Mobitex 900 MHz
External Features
Navigation Device Jog Wheel
Research Sources
· 950_Compaq_Press_Release.jpg
· 950_Press_Release.png
· GoodLink_Software_Manual.pdf
· Wayback
· Wikipedia_-_Interactive_Pager.pdf

Blackberry 950 - 1998

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